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2020 Most Commonly Used FICO Score Versions

90% percent of Lenders use the FICO score Model when making decisions, but most people do not know what FICO Version they are using.

There is a combined 19 FICO Score Versions that are most commonly used by lenders. The version is used based off the type of loan and what credit bureau your lender uses to pull your score. Below is a guideline directly provided by

***FICO 8 most commonly used for other types of credit such as utility, personal loans, student loan and retail credit.

Knowing your credit score is very important especially in today's society. Negative items will cause denials and low score ratings for consumers. At Valiant Credit Services we help remove negative items and improve our clients credit scores. Contact us today if you have questions about your credit report and credit score. Schedule a FREE consultation with a Senior Credit Consultant today. You can do this by clicking the link BOOK NOW OR CALL 866-373-1377.


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